Route Representative for Weekend Work

Job Duties and responsibilities:

  • Sign maintenance and repair – involves ensuring signs are neat, clean, and functional
  • Route maintenance and management to include weekly placement and removal, as well as route adjustments
  • Occasional sign/route reconfiguration as requested by the customer

Employment requirements:
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must have valid driver’s license
  • Delivery service experience helpful
  • Ability to read and interpret maps/navigation skills
  • Training provided at locations

  • Paid by the sign
  • Calculated including placing and removing
  • Pay period: 1ST of every month
  • Paid training rate: $12/per hour

Locations needed:
  • Wexford/Warrendale
  • Cranberry Township
  • Gibsonia/Hampton
  • Mars
  • Bridgeville
  • Robinson

The ideal candidate: ambitious, energetic, dependable, safety conscious, adaptable

This job requires placement of lightweight directional signs on Friday after 6pm, but before Saturday 9am and removal of signs after 6pm Sunday, but before 9am Monday, and recurring weekly. Stakes that hold signs stay in the ground through the week, only the sign needs to be removed/replaced by simply sliding it on and off of the stake. Several routes overlap, which means the representative can be more efficient and hourly income increases. A single route takes less than an hour to manage. Multiple overlapping routes take even less time per route. Cars can be used, but vans, trucks, and SUVs would be best due to their storage capacity.

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